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Artefacts and Toys - Etikoppaka

Etikopakka,EMPOWER,Table Ganesha

Table Ganesha

Ganesha idol made of softwood with Etikoppaka craftsmanship and lacquer finish. A design so beautiful that it evokes love and devotion in every onlooker. A great gift to anybody on any any occasion.
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Etikopakka,EMPOWER,Wooden Toy Crane

Wooden Toy Crane

Finely crafted Etikoppaka toy crane made from soft and fine grain wood. Its enchanting design, bright colours and earthly appeal are very attractive. Ideal show piece for your lovely home.
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Etikopakka,EMPOWER,Wooden Bangles

Wooden Bangles

Bangles made from soft and fine grain wood with etikoppaka craftsmanship. Lacquer finished and dyed with vegetable colours, these traditional bangles are ideal for any occasion and are your style statement for being a eco-friendly citizen. (price for one bangle)
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Etikopakka,EMPOWER,Magic top

Magic top

A skillfully handcrafted wooden toy ‘Top’ to amaze your little kids. Rotate this fancy Top and it will straighten up by itself and see the magic created by this mini toy. It is crafted out of soft grain wood with natural vegetable colours totally safe for your child.
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Artefacts and Toys - Kondapally

Kondapally,EMPOWER,Dancing doll big water colour

Dancing doll big water colour

This traditional doll is made of clay and painted with eco-friednly colours.The beautiful movement of the doll's head adds to its uniqueness. This hand-made doll is well-known worldwide.
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Kondapally,EMPOWER,Dasavatara Medium

Dasavatara Medium

A set of 10 Indian gods or forms of Lord Vishnu called Dashavatara, crafted in punki wood and painted in various colors. Beautifully crafted wooden set arranged in a row. This Dashavatara set is painted in attractive colors and has a meaningful symbol which brings protection and beauty to your home.
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Kondapally,EMPOWER,Pallaki (Palanquin)

Pallaki (Palanquin)

Pallaki is made from the Punki wood.The craftsmen first carve the punki wood to give it a shape of a pallaki. The wood is then stuffed with saw dust and tamarind seed paste. A coating of lime glue is applied which gives the toy a smooth and shiny finish.
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Gifts and Novelties - Bidri

Bidri,EMPOWER,Bidri Plaque (Mango shape)

Bidri Plaque (Mango shape)

Bidri is an exquiste craft of enlaying silver on black metal. Now practised by only some craftsmen in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, the craft is a treat to watch. This plaque is very exquistively crafted with a very intricate pattern of bidri inlay in the shape of a mango. This is an ideal showpiece as well as a gift item for any occasion.
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Bidri,EMPOWER,Bidri Elephant

Bidri Elephant

Bidri is an exquiste craft of enlaying silver on black metal. Now practised by only some craftsmen in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, the craft is a treat to watch.The black elephant with exqusite silver inlay work of bidri makes it look very elegant and a piece of unique craft. An ideal showpiece as well as a gift for any occasion.
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Bidri,EMPOWER,Bangles small

Bangles small

Bidri is an exquiste craft of enlaying silver on black metal. Now practised by only some craftsmen in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, the craft is a treat to watch.A small bangle with its unique pattern will look very elegant on any girl's hand. The bangle will go very well as an acessory because of its black and white combination.
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Bidri,EMPOWER,Bangles (criss-cross lines pattern)

Bangles (criss-cross lines pattern)

Bidri is an exquiste craft of enlaying silver on black metal. Now practised by only some craftsmen in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, the craft is a treat to watch. This bangle is exquisitely crafted in a criss-cross line pattern and the black and white combination will make it go with any formal dress.
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Jute Bags

Jute,EMPOWER,Jute Wall Hang

Jute Wall Hang

Jute Wall hang is designed for keeping your daily purpose items safely but visibly on any wall in your house. Comes in various colour combos and adds beauty as a home decorative along with an earthy feel (price displayed is for one piece).
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Jute,EMPOWER,Bamboo mat jute folder

Bamboo mat jute folder

An ideal file folder for office use, with an elegant and unique bamboo matting design on the front, which marks it  as 
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Jute,EMPOWER,Travel bag oxford

Travel bag oxford

The oxford jute travel backpack is designed to keep all you belongings safely while traveling or hiking. It can also be used daily as a school or college bag. It has a neat finish and the cream colour gels with the earthy nature of the product.
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Jute,EMPOWER,Go Green Market Bag

Go Green Market Bag

The "Go Green" market bag is designed to stop carrying plastic bag and keep our earth with green. It is a 100% jute made product.
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Weaved Bags

Weaved,EMPOWER,Cell Covers

Cell Covers

These cell phone covers look attractive when we keep our mobile in it and it looks beautiful.
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Weaved,EMPOWER,Bead bag

Bead bag

This hand weaved bead bag is very stylish and trendy. The handle of this bag is full of beads which is very attractive.
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Weaved,EMPOWER,Wave bag

Wave bag

A spacious cotton bag perfect for storing lot of your miscellaneous stuff or college books. The stripes marked all through and a unique shape make it look very trendy and different. Its large size fits a lot of stuff while its sturdy handles keep it from falling out.
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Gifts and Novelties - Photo frames

Photo-frames,EMPOWER,Hand made Paper Photo Frame

Hand made Paper Photo Frame

These photo frames are made with hand-made paper. These are suitable for 6" x 4" photo sizes and come in various colours. You can use it for your own or also give it as a gift for any occassion like birthday, anniversary, etc.
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Photo-frames,EMPOWER,Ikkat  Photo frame

Ikkat Photo frame

This is a hand-made photoframe with Ikkat cloth as the base material. The photo frame gives a very ethnic look and the photograph is well-highlighted in the frame.
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Photo-frames,EMPOWER,Cotsilk Photoframe

Cotsilk Photoframe

A unique hand-made photo frame that looks very elegant and ethnic in any setting. Made by shiny and textured cotsilk cloth it gives a rich feel and will attract all to see the photo in this classy photo frame. It is a good personal and corporate gifting item also.
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Artefacts and Toys - Carved Wood

Carved Wood,EMPOWER,Jewellry Box small

Jewellry Box small

This wooden jewellry box with brass designs and inlays on all sides gives a very rich look and stores your valuables perfectly. The velvet interior helps keep your jewellry in good condition.
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Carved Wood,EMPOWER,Hut Tea Coasters

Hut Tea Coasters

These set of 5 wooden tea coasters look very elegant when used at the table because of their neat finish and brass corners. The coasters are very nicely stacked in a small wooden 'hut' when not in use.
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Carved Wood,EMPOWER,Antique Chair Tea Coasters

Antique Chair Tea Coasters

These set of 5 tea coasters are very uniquely stored in an swinging antique chair type wooden hold. The coasters with a brass pull-pin and inlays look very elegant and add richness to your table.
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Ikkat Travel Bag

Cotton Cloth,EMPOWER,Ikkat Travel Bag

Ikkat Travel Bag

This Ikkat print travel bag is spacious with many zippers and pockets which help you to keep your things safe. Looks very ethnic and trendy.
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Apparels - Ponduri Khadi Shirt

Khadi Shirts,EMPOWER,Ponduri  khadi shirt

Ponduri khadi shirt

Khadi is made from natural fibres like cotton and silk which are spun on hand-operated looms to make make fabrics. The shirts made from Khadi are not only very comfortable to wear but also give you an ethnic and patrotic identity. The khadi shirts here are 100% cotton and are available in various colours like white, cream, light brown, light blue, maroon, dark brown, etc. in small, medium and large sizes.
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